Writing for the Website

The Cavendish website is intended as a source of information for locals, tourists and future villagers. The contents are provided by members of the community who want share their love of the village, their interests or their sport. New material and updates are always welcome, so get writing, drawing or photographing and email it to the webmaster John Gunn.

The Diaries section is intended for groups to publicise their programme of events for the year. Links can be included to point to the ‘notices’ section, or to other websites. Pictures are welcomed.

The Facilities section provides a brief overview of what’s here in Cavendish. Are there others that should be mentioned here? Are there whole categories missing? Can the existing text be improved?

The Organisations section allows groups to share their history and achievements and entice new members. In three or four paragraphs (or 100-200 words) can you capture the essence of your group? If appropriate, please include where and when you meet, whom to contact and a picture.

The History section needs expanding. Any local historians out there with a topic of interest?

The Notices section is a flexible space that could be used for football fixtures, AGM reports, event flyers, council minutes, and much more. Posts are categorised, tagged and dated for easy reference. How could you use this?

Now for the rules.

To enable text to display on a variety of devices and computers, it must conform to strict HTML rules. Consequently, most of Word’s formatting will be removed, and multiple spaces and tabs will be reduced to a single space (so don’t use these for layout). For short pieces, pasting into an email is easiest. For longer and regular postings, I am happy to discuss formatting, et cetera.

Pictures are welcomed but please identify the source since images taken from the net may be subject to copyright constraints. Often this is just a credit to the artist, etc.. If you created the picture, let me know how you want to be credited. Uncredited pictures on the website will be published under Creative Commons CC BY-SA licence with attribution to cavendishvillage.uk.

Pictures will normally be displayed as 620 pixels wide, or 300 pixels if alongside text on a three column page. This means that high resolution pictures will be reduced before publishing.

News and Magazine types of postings will be discouraged. The website is unable to match the quality of service provided by the monthly Cavendish Magazine.

So please, let me have your ideas and contributions.

John Gunn, Webmaster