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Village Show Schedule 2018

Cavendish and District Horticultural Society 2018 Show

in memory of David Simmons

Saturday 1st September 2018

On The Green Cavendish 1.30- 4.30pm

Prize giving in the Marquee

The Marquee will be open for staging 8.00-9.45am

Cavendish and District Horticultural Society

The society meets on the first Monday of the month in the Memorial Hall, Cavendish at 7.30pm.
We are a small friendly group that also arranges outings plus an Annual Plant Sale.
A Year’s Membership is only £9.00, but visitors are always welcome (£2.00).

Future Meeting Topics
Monday 4 June…Bugs on the move.
Monday 2 July…Group trip to Beth Chatto’s garden.
Monday 6 August…Summer pruning of trained fruit trees.
Monday 1 October…Rethinking your garden.
Monday 5 November…Complete guide to clematis.
Monday 3 December…Christmas decorations with willow.

See the Diaries page for our full programme.

CHAIRPERSON Isobel Clark 01787 280648
THE SHOW SECRETARY Lesley Cooper 01787 282770
TREASURER / MEMBERSHIP Janice Al-Nasser 01787 282332

See the Clubs and Societies page for more information about the society.

Prize List and Index

The R.H.S. Banksian Medal Awarded for the Most First Prizes in Sections 1,1a, 2 & 3
Winners of the last 2 years are not eligible to win
(Lesley Cooper, Peter Johnson)
The David Simmons Memorial Trophy Most Points Overall
The Ambrose All Comers Trophy Highest Points in Sections 1, 1a, 2 & 3
The Cooper Cup Section 1 – Vegetables  [click for details]
Section 1a – Collection of Vegetables  [click for details]
The Prentice Trophy Section 2 – Fruit  [click for details]
The Garrett Trophy Section 3 – Flowers  [click for details]
The Josephine Bain Challenge Trophy Section 4 – Floral Art  [click for details]
The Bettinson Trophy Section 5 – Cookery  [click for details]
The Hanbury Trophy Sections 6 & 7 – Arts and Crafts  [click for details]
The Cavendish Junior Trophy Section 8 – Age 8 to 14  [click for details]
The Sunflower Trophy Section 9 – Age 7 and Under  [click for details]
The Family Fun Trophy Section 10 – Family Fun  [click for details]
Cavendish Allotment Certificate  [click for details]

NEW for 2018, Rosettes and a £20 cash prize awarded for the Best Exhibit in each Adult Section.

Affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and The Suffolk Horticultural and Produce Association

Entries for the Village Show

Printable Entry Form – download or view online.
Entry forms must be submitted at the MEMORIAL HALL, CAVENDISH on WEDNESDAY 29th AUGUST 2018, 6.30 – 8.00 PM

Or, if you wish to submit before this date please send to the Show secretary:
Ms. Lesley Cooper, The Red House, Stour Street, Cavendish CO10 8BH (01787 282770)

The Marquee will be open for staging on Saturday 1st September 2018,   8.00am – 9.45am. No exhibits to be removed before the prize giving at 4.30pm

Click Hints for Exhibitors to see how to catch the judges eye.
Click Exhibition Rules for more on entries and judging.


Section 1 – Vegetables

1 5 Potatoes
2 5 Carrots
3 5 Onions
4 5 Onions, No Bulb to Exceed 12oz
5 10 Shallots
6 10 Runner Beans
7 5 Tomatoes, Red
8 10 Tomatoes,
One Variety, Small Fruited e.g. Tumbler
9 1 Squash
10 2 Cucumbers
11 Bunch of 3 Types of Culinary Herbs in a Vase
12 2 Cobs of Sweetcorn
13 2 Lettuces
14 3 Courgettes – 4”-6” in Length
15 3 Beetroots
16 3 Parsnips
17 2 Cabbages
18 2 Leeks
19 A Disaster Veg….The One that Went Wrong
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Section 1a – Collection of Vegetables

20 Collection of Vegetables,
5 Distinct Kinds (Tray 30” Max)
21 Collection of Vegetables,
3 Distinct Kinds not Listed in Schedule
22 Mixed Bowl of Tomatoes (Max 20)
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Section 2 – Fruit

23 A Decorative Basket of Fruit – base must be
A4 or smaller.
24 5 Apples – Cooking
25 5 Apples – Dessert
26 5 Pears – Stewing
27 5 Pears – Dessert
28 5 Plums
29 10 Cultivated Blackberries
30 10 Raspberries
31 3 Sticks of Rhubarb
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Section 3 – Flowers

32 3 Stems of Cluster Roses
33 3 Roses
34 1 Specimen Rose Bloom
35 5 Dahlias – Any Variety     (Vase Provided)
36 5 Stems Rudbeckia           (Vase Provided)
37 5 Stems Michaelmas Daisy (Vase Provided)
38 1 Vase Garden Flowers, Mixed and Well Displayed.
No Shrubs
39 5 Pansies or Violas
40 1 Pot Plant, Flowering (For All Round Effect)
41 1 Pot Plant, Foliage
42 1 Cactus or Succulent – Pot up to 6” diameter
43 3 Stems of Gladioli
44 1 Vase of Flowers – Min 5 Stems not already named
in Section 3. Shrubs Acceptable.
45 1 Fuchsia Plant, in a Pot up to 10” diameter
46 6 Individual Flowers of 6 Fuchsia – Distinct Varieties
(Containers Provided)
47 A Jam Jar Containing Annuals grown from Seed
48 1 Hosta Leaf (Vase Provided)
49 1 Minature Garden – max 12” base
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Section 4 – Floral Art

50 An Asymmetrical triangle
51 An Arrangement on a candlestick to include the candle
52 An Arrangement depicting a hobby
53 “A Musical”
54 A Door Wreath, finished max 14” with fixings,
can include artificial flowers
Max base size 24” square, but any height.
Material need not be grown by exhibitor.
Accessories allowed in all section 4 classes.
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Section 5 – Cookery

55 4 Individual Quiches
56 Chocolate Cake decorated
57 Fruit Scones (Fluted Cutter)
58 5 Coconut Macaroons
59 Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake cut into 12   (Recipe Supplied – click here )
60 5 Cheese Straws
61 A Wholemeal Loaf
62 4 Bread Rolls
63 A Plated Fruit Pie
64 A Showpiece Cake – anything goes – 14” base
65 Jar of Lemon or Orange Curd
66 Jar of Marmalade
67 Jar of Stone Fruit Jam
68 Jar of Soft Fruit Jam (Not Strawberry)
69 Jar of Strawberry Jam
70 Jar of Jelly
71 Jar of Chutney
72 Home Made Fruit Liqueur (Exhibitor Must Provide a Glass
and use a Re-Closable Bottle)
Classes 55, 57 – 63 need to be presented in a re-sealable clear plastic bag
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Section 6 – Crafts

73 A Driving Test Success Card (No Commercial Trimmings)
74 A Child’s Birthday Card (Commercial Trimmings Allowed)
75 A Recycled Item
76 An Embroidered Item
77 A Quirky Tea Cosy
78 A Patchwork Item
79 An Item of Tapestry
80 An Item of Pottery max 12” base
81 A Pressed Flower Picture
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Section 7 – Art

82 Photo – “Reflections” – taken by Entrant
(Max Size A4 Unframed)
83 A Picture – “Transport”
(Any Medium Except a Photograph)
84 “You’ve Made It, Let’s See It”
Any Hand Made Table Top Item
85 An Item Made of Metal
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Section 8 – Children 8 – 14 years

86 A Pin Wheel Flower
87 A Garden in a Seed Tray
88 A Poppy Picture
89 3 Chocolate Brownies
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Section 9 – Children 7 and under

90 A Paper Plate Flower
91 A Poppy Collage
92 A Decorated Bottle
93 3 Rock Cakes
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Section 10 – Family Fun

94 A Decorated Scooter
95 Longest Runner Bean
96 A Bug Hotel
97 A Flower Pot Lighthouse
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Cavendish Allotment Certificate

Certificate awarded for the best Cavendish Parish Council Allotment.
Voted for by the Horticultural Society Committee at a time suitable to them.
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Recipe for Cookery Class 59

Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake
Baking tin 8” x 8”, greaseproof paper
160g butter, slightly salted at room temperature
160g caster sugar
3 eggs For the topping:
zest of two Lemons 20g butter unsalted
110g plain flour 60g caster sugar
1 tsp. baking powder juice of one lemon
50g ground almonds
juice of one lemon
Pre-heat oven to 170C/150C Fan/Gas Mark 3. Line tin with greaseproof paper.
Whisk together the slightly salted butter and sugar. Whisk eggs in.
Add the lemon zest. Stir in the flour and baking powder.
Mix in the ground almonds and lemon juice.
Spoon the cake mixture into the tin. Bake for 30 mins or until golden brown.
For the topping,
Melt the unsalted butter in a small pan,
Add sugar and lemon juice until the sugar has dissolved.
While the cake is still slightly warm, prick the cake all over and trickle on the topping.
Cut into 12 squares
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Hints for Exhibitors

If you are exhibiting for the first time do not be afraid to ask for guidance from the committee or a steward.
  Stage the exact number specified in each class.
  Allow time to stage any exhibit for the best effect.
Pot plants The pot should be clean, and the soil fresh looking.
Vegetables Condition, size and uniformity should be considered.
Runner Beans  Straight, fresh and brittle, with short stalk.
Carrots Good shape, no greening, free from pest attack.
Leeks Clean, firm, solid, good length, free from bulbing.
Onions Firm, thin necks, tied with raffia, roots neatly trimmed, do not over-skin.
Shallots Check that pickling shallots do not exceed 30mm. Stage all on sand.
Beetroot Medium size, trim foliage to approx. 75mm
Tomatoes Ripe but firm with calyx attached. Cherry tomatoes are best staged on sand.
One variety only in each class except class 22.
Potatoes Medium size, clean smooth skin with few eyes, aim for uniformity.
Tree Fruit Retain some stalk, do not polish but retain bloom.
Soft Fruit Stage with care, with sprigs or stalks intact.
Cookery Items should be on a plate and inside a self seal clear bag, except iced cakes where a dome would be better.
Jam jars must not feature makers logos on lids or jars.
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Exhibition Rules

1. Exhibition fees are as per schedule (see Entry Form).
2. Each exhibitor will be allocated a number on receipt of their entry form, this number will be used on all their entries.
3. Postal entries must reach the secretary no later than the Wednesday prior to the show. NO LATE ENTRIES ALLOWED.
4. All exhibits must be grown, produced, preserved or pickled by the exhibitors. AN EXCEPTION TO THE RULE IS SECTION 4
5. Exhibits will be received by the Committee on Saturday morning of the show from 8:00am – 9:45am and must not be removed from the bench until AFTER the close of the show at 4.30pm.
6. Judging will be according to R.H.S rules. The judges’ decision will be final.
7. Complaints to be made to the Show Secretary before 3pm on the day of the Show.
8. Only Committee members or persons appointed by them may be present during the judging which will commence at 10am.
9. The Society will not be responsible for loss or damage of exhibits.
10. No competitor may enter more than one exhibit in each class.
11. Method of scoring: – First 3 points, Second 2 points.
12. In the event of a tie the most First awards will determine the winner.
13. In the event of a judge placing two exhibits equal for any place, each will score full points appropriate to that place.
14. ENTRANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR STAGING THEIR OWN EXHIBITS, items should be show ready including back wires for hanging pictures. Hooks will be provided. Stewards are available to advise only.
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