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Cricket Club History

The Cavendish Wanderers Cricket Club dates back to the Victorian era and, like most village teams of the time, it was characterised by the lord of the manor playing alongside local tradespeople. Many clubhouses still bear the hallmarks of their Victorian heritage given they were in essence wooden sheds with little creature comfort. The photograph below shows that the original clubhouse was a thatched affair.

Sports Ground and Clubhouse

The Sports Ground – Cavendish

The inter-war years saw Cavendish as a team to be reckoned with under the captaincy of Tom Ambrose; Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds being their major rivals: the two photographs below shows some of the stars of that era.

Cavendish XI 1920

Cavendish Cricket Team c 1920

Cricket Team c1930

Cavendish Cricket Club c1930 – Tom Ambrose in the centre

After the war it was Basil Ambrose and Maurice Finbow who steered the club to considerable success with the club fielding two teams in the 70’s and 80’s. It was during that period that major fund-raising saw the new extension to the clubhouse completed; the era culminated with the club hosting a match against Cavendish NSW (Australia) in 1988.

The club remained competitive during the 90’s but suffered the fate of many village teams of not being able to recruit sufficient youngsters into the ranks and was forced to amalgamate with ex-Sudbury CC players to become Cavendish Wanderers. Fielding a single team they enjoyed much success in regional leagues, but latterly have struggled to continue: it is a sad reflection that in the last two seasons no more than two players from the village take the field.

The team was relegated from division two of the Hunts County bats last year (2010) having won only two matches but are looking strong for the coming season and the reinstatement of the Presidents Challenge.

The ground behind the Memorial Hall is an idyllic spot to stretch your legs on a sunny Sunday afternoon and listen to the gentle sounds of leather on willow.

Nick Burton, Chairman 2011.

(Photographs from the Foxearth and District Local History Society collection)