Community Groups

Cavendish Community Council

Morris Men at Summer Fete

Village Fete on The Green

Cavendish Community Council was established in its current form to raise funds for good causes within the village, and to provide donations to local hospices.

As part of their fund raising programme, the Community Council puts on a series of events throughout the year. See the Diaries page for details of this year’s events.

Grants for Students
Young people of Cavendish who receive a grant from the ‘George Savage Trust’, are eligible for a further grant of £50 from Community Council. This will take the form of Book Tokens or help towards payment of specialist tools. If you think you qualify, please contact the CCC Chairman.

Mike Ward (Chairman) can be contacted on 01787 281903 or by email to Mike Ward.

Cavendish Care

Cavendish Care provides a car service to take villagers to hospitals, chiropodists, dentists and other care-related or simply necessary venues. There is no charge, but a donation to defray the cost of petrol is rarely if ever refused.

On Friday mornings we meet for coffee and a chat in various houses in the village; the venues are listed in the Cavendish Magazine each month. Transport to these coffee mornings can be arranged. Outings to interesting places are organised throughout the year and these are also advertised in the Magazine.

If you need help – please call us.

If you would like to help by participating in Cavendish Care as a driver or in any other way, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Charity Commission Registration number 1002039

For information, contact Ralph Barker on 01787 280026
For transport, contact Mary O’Neil on 07542 562390

The Illuminators

Christmas tree lights next to the Cavendish village sign
The Illuminators create the seasonal display of lights around the village at Christmas.

For more information, contact Chris Callegari on 01787 280355