Cavendish Parish Council

For all Parish Council enquiries, please contact Chris Turner (Parish Clerk) on 01787 280943 or by email to Chris Turner.
For information about the Parish Council, who we are and what we do, see About Us.


Dates of Meetings

Cavendish Village Sign

Cavendish Village Sign

Meetings usually take place on the second Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September and November in the Garrett Room in Cavendish Memorial Hall at 7:30 pm. Parish Council meetings start with an Open Forum. This is an opportunity for parishioners to speak to councillors before the formal meeting starts.

The dates of future Parish Council meetings are:

  • Wednesday 14th November 2018
  • Wednesday 9th January 2019
  • Wednesday 13th March 2019

Cavendish’s Annual Parish Meeting usually takes place in May. This is an open meeting for all electors of Cavendish and is an opportunity to ask questions relating to village affairs.

Meeting Index

Date Agendas Minutes
19th September 2018 Agenda – Parish Council Meeting September 2018 Minutes of Parish Council Meeting Sept 2018 – Draft
25th July 2018 Agenda Parish Council Meeting July 2018 Minutes of Parish Council Meeting July 2018
9th May 2018 Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 2018 Minutes of Parish Council and Annual Meeting – May 2018

Policy Documents

Contact Privacy Statement
Data Protection Policy
Standing Orders
Financial Regulations


Audit Report for year ended 31 March 2018   (includes Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statements and External Auditor Certificate)