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The History of our Church is in the process of being rewritten so please bear with us.  In the meantime, please visit our website here 

Electricity Consumption At the beginning of Dec, the Church comes to the end of a three-year contract with our current electricity supplier. We have been advised through brokers that prices for business (which includes churches) for a one-year contract are expected to rise by as much as times 5 annually, for similar annual consumption as last. We have therefore been studying our consumption carefully. The current main heating panels are of early 70s origin, and work by convection which requires several hours of heating before a service or an activity at the back of the building. It would be better to have under pew heaters for the main body of the church and some infrared heaters at the back that heat the people rather than the entire building and all separately controllable. That could half the consumption but would be an expensive installation. We have explored the consumption of the floodlights, the dehumidifier in the lower tower room and the clock.  Reducing the flood lights to 6-10pm in the winter would be helpful and reducing the time the current main heaters are on before events, should help in the short term. However, we are continuing to explore a longer-term fix, though individuals can help by wearing thicker clothes!

The repair of the Church Clock  You may have noticed that the Church Clock stopped shortly before Christmas and didn’t restart until after repairs in  mid-January . This required the chain connection, that powers the main pendulum drive to be unjammed after relieving pressure from its heavy weight, and the problem behind it diagnosed and repaired. It turned out to be a broken gear wheel in the gear box, where  two teeth had broken off as you can see in the third picture. The gear box was installed in November 1981 by Haward Horological and as far as we know has not failed until the recent problem but was repaired by Ian Haward who installed it just over 41 years ago. Let’s hope it runs for at least another 41 years!

 The Fete  If you have any books, puzzles or games that would be suitable for the Church Stall at the Village Fete later in the year please leave them at the back of the Church or bring them to The Manse, Melford Road, Cavendish CO10 8AD.

The Food Pantry  The Church had a Food Pantry for a couple of months, where you could donate or take food items as appropriate, but it was closed in January because of lack of use. There still are food pantries in Clare and Hundon if you need them or wish to donate.


Rector:    Revd Mark Woodrow (01787-277515) rector@stourvalley.org.uk

Reader:   Mrs Janice Brett (01787-280443)

Church Wardens: Heather Jenkin (01787-280030) & Dr Graham Jenkin (01787-280030)

PCC Acting Treasurer:   Dr Graham Jenkin (01787-280030)

PCC Secretary:   Mrs Beth Salmon (07880-783049)

Safeguarding Officer:   Mrs Beth Salmon (07880-783049)

Organist:   Mr Rodney Bullock (01787-281153)

Sacristan:   Mr Gordon Farrow (01787-281013)

Tower Captain:   Mr Chris Ward (07903-826774)

Co-ordinator of Flower Arrangers:  Mrs Sue Vosper (01787-280435)

Do contact any of the above persons if you require any further information or help.

Services during March and April

Sun 19 Mar 10.30 a.m.   Thanksgiving Service   Mothering Sunday The 4th Sunday in Lent

Sun 26 Mar 10.30 a.m.  Holy Communion   The 5th Sunday of Lent

Sun 2 Apr    10.30 a.m.   Morning Prayer   Palm Sunday

Sun 9 Apr    10.30 a.m.   Holy Communion  Easter Sunday

Sun 16 Apr   10.30 a.m.   Morning Prayer  The Second Sunday of Easter

Sun 23 Apr   10.30 a.m.   Holy Communion  The Third Sunday of Easter

Sun 30 Apr   No Services in Cavendish but;  9.00 a.m. Stoke by Clare Holy Communion and 11.00 a.m. Poslingford Holy Communion.  The Fourth Sunday of Easter

For further details of services please contact the Revd Mark Woodrow on Tel 01787-277515 or e-mail rector@stourvalley.org.uk or see notice boards.