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Community Council AGM

The Cavendish Community Council are holding their Annual General Meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th September in the Memorial Hall. All are invited. Follow this link for the Agenda.

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Cavendish is one of the prettiest villages in Suffolk. It is famous for its thatched cottages and picturesque green, set against a backdrop of the historic Saint Mary’s Church and the Five Bells free house. Overall, a quintessential English Village scene.

The Green, Cavendish

There is a lively community, with many clubs and activities running throughout the year. These include Cricket, Football, Bowls, Brownies, Local History, Horticulture, and much more. Read about them on the Clubs and Sports pages.

Summer fete on the green
Cavendish hasĀ a very active Community Council that organises events throughout the year, particularly the hugely successful Summer Fete. The Community Council Events page shows their current programme.

The sense of community runs through the very fabric of the village with its many events and facilities run by volunteers for the benefit of the whole community.

The Community Assets page describes some of these, including the Duck or Grouse village shop, Memorial Hall, many outdoor spaces and most recently, the telephone box.

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You can read more about day-to-day life in the village on the Cavendish Village facebook page.
For non-Facebook users, the discussion page can be accessed in your usual internet browser via the link: facebook.com/groups/238457063267330